Thank you for your interest, but the opportunity to submit abstracts for 2017 has ended.

Please check back for when you can submit abstracts for ACT Expo 2018. We will be calling for abstracts on AFV fleet deployment case studies (i.e., return on investment, evaluation criteria, funding received, infrastructure and maintenance plans, fuel procurement considerations, deployment timelines, etc.) for the following sectors:

  • Municipal fleets, including refuse, transit, and other applications
  • Heavy-duty over-the-road success stories
  • Advanced freight strategies
  • First responder fleets
  • Innovative delivery and warehousing concepts
  • Service providers improving local air quality
  • Fleets running on renewable and low carbon fuels
  • Electric vehicle operations across all weight classes
  • Implementation of autonomous and connected vehicle technologies

Again, we welcome your interest and look forward to hearing from you next year.