Interested in presenting at ACT Expo 2021?

ACT Expo is looking for dynamic and forward-thinking industry leaders to present case studies and compelling presentations on electric vehicle deployments and advancements; advanced energy management; fuel cell electric vehicle deployments; innovative transit; connected vehicle technology implementation; investment considerations; and efficiency processes from top fleets across all weight classes and transportation sectors. These case studies should be relevant to end user fleets with a focus on evaluation criteria, funding received, infrastructure and maintenance plans, procurement considerations, and total cost of ownership. This year’s show will focus on improving performance, decreasing cost, and reducing emissions through the following themes: gaseous fuels, electrification, connected and automated fleets, urban mobility, trucking efficiency, and goods movement operations.

Preferred fleet case study categories include:

  • Investments in clean transportation and clean energy for commercial fleets
  • Refueling/charging infrastructure implementation of autonomous and connected vehicle technologies
  • Natural gas and propane success stories and industry advancements
  • Electric vehicle operations across all weight classes
  • Hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle infrastructure and vehicles
  • Municipal fleets, including refuse, transit, and others running alternative fuels
  • Heavy-duty over-the-road alternative fuel and efficiency success stories
  • School district fleets
  • Airports and airlines
  • Innovative delivery and warehousing concepts
  • Utilities creating innovative programs for EV charging and vehicle deployments
  • Automated vehicle applications in fleets
  • Battery technology advancements
  • Energy storage and microgrid deployments
  • Fleets running on renewable and low carbon fuels
  • Cybersecurity and blockchain for trucking application
  • Vehicle to Grid or Vehicle Grid Integration

Thank you for your interest in ACT Expo 2021. Abstract submissions are now closed.