Nikola, Voltera to Partner in Development of Hydrogen Stations Throughout North America

May 3, 2023

Zero-emission vehicle manufacturer Nikola and infrastructure solution provider Voltera announced an agreement to develop the hydrogen fueling infrastructure required to support Nikola’s deployment of its fuel cell vehicles to the attendees of ACT Expo 2023. Through this strategic partnership, Nikola and Voltera will develop up to 50 stations during the next five years.

Voltera will site, build, own, and operate strategically located, fit-for-purpose hydrogen refueling stations across North American network, while Nikola will supply the hydrogen fuel and provide technical expertise in site design.

“Our partnership with Voltera will bring substantial capital and expertise to support Nikola’s plans to build refueling infrastructure to support its customers,” said Carey Mendes, President, Nikola Energy. “Voltera’s expertise in building out zero-emission energy infrastructure will be a key enabler for Nikola’s first-to-market hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks and fueling infrastructure. Nikola and Voltera have a shared commitment to the rapid deployment of infrastructure which is key to enabling the transition to a zero-emission economy.”

Voltera will also leverage its capital resources and operational expertise to ensure optimal end-user experience. Through this partnership, Nikola and Voltera will create an open network of hydrogen refueling stations to provide fuel to vehicles from various manufacturers to accelerate the adoption of zero-emission vehicles.

“Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of zero-emission vehicles, by taking on the complex and costly nature of developing infrastructure. Ultimately, this will reduce barriers for operators buying vehicles at scale,” said Matt Horton, CEO of Voltera. “By partnering with Nikola, Voltera is extending our focus beyond battery electric vehicle charging in order to dramatically increase the necessary hydrogen fueling infrastructure to allow mass adoption of hydrogen trucks.