Range Energy Debuts Battery-Electric Trailer to Accelerate Decarbonization

May 2, 2023

Range Energy unveiled its 53-foot full-scale electric trailer, the RA-01, today on ACT Expo’s expansive show floor. Designed to make trucking cleaner, safer, and more convenient, Range’s battery-powered RA-01 trailer provides an estimated 41% reduction in diesel consumption over the product lifecycle, according to the company.

The RA-01 was developed to reduce diesel consumption during yard operation, at the dock, while idling, and in a multitude of other scenarios. The trailer’s electrification platform and equipment set, which includes an e-axle, battery pack, and smart kingpin, provides power to auxiliary devices. This enables zero-emission precooling with TRUs and provides the ability to move trailers with reduced emissions, while increasing the overall uptime of tractors.

“We’ve reached a turning point in freight transportation. Fleets are looking at ways to reduce emissions without negatively impacting operations. At Range, it is our goal to help our commercial partners — and all freight carriers — during this critical transition, and to do so expediently,” said Ali Javidan, CEO and founder, Range Energy.

Range provided a hands-on look at its full-size powered trailer today at ACT Expo and will be providing technology demos with its in-house trailer test fleet, which has clocked more 17,000 miles. To request a demo please contact jason@range.energy.