ACT Expo: CityFreighter Showcases CFI Electric Box Van

August 31, 2021

CityFreighter unveiled a beta version of its CF1 fully electric box van at ACT Expo, combining the cargo benefits of a truck with the mobility of a van, making it well-suited for last-mile deliveries.

The zero-emission beta version CF1 is an early production‐ready model that will be used for customer testing. New to Class 3 medium trucks, the technology includes a heat pump‐based thermal management system that takes load from the battery to help increase driving range. CityFreighter also focused on weight reduction, recyclability, and ease of use for drivers during the development of the vehicle.

“CF1 is a super compact vehicle designed specifically for the needs of last‐mile delivery,” said CityFreighter President Michael Schoening.

According to the company, the 703 cubic foot expandable payload volume is approximately 176 cubic foot larger than other available cargo vans. Employing a modular design concept, the CF1 includes a customizable driver’s cabin, was designed for package delivery, and features a walk‐through with easy‐in/easy‐out access for increased driver convenience and a 100-plus-mile range.

The customizable cargo box is made from recyclable composite materials and weighs less than 662 lbs. The driver operates the vehicle’s features from a 15.6‐inch touchscreen, which also offers fleet management and third‐party integration. Other standard features will include over‐the‐air upgrade capability, 360‐degree cameras, and an intelligent keyless‐go system.

CityFreighter will start production of CF1 at the end of 2022, aiming for a target price of less than $60,000 for the standard version. CityFreighter is currently taking pre‐orders for 2023 and 2024.