Medium- and heavy-duty fleets that are engaged in goods movement are consistently challenged with reducing cost, staying up to date with regulations to reduce emissions, and ensuring they remain competitive in an ever-changing environment.  With technologies consistently evolving, ever-present regulatory pressure, and increased funding opportunities, goods movement fleets are faced with figuring out the best path that will enable maximum success in efficiency, effectiveness, and environmental performance.  This track will cover the following:

  • Fleet success stories – highlighting successes and challenges that fleets have experienced in improving efficiency, effectiveness, and environmental performance
  • Regulatory requirements – addressing regulatory pressure through cleaner vehicle technology and practices
  • Technology advancements –  ever-changing vehicle and technology improvements, such as connected fleet and electrification, that stand to disrupt goods movement
  • Funding acquisition—addressing the different ways in which deals have come together to reduce the upfront cost of vehicles and infrastructure

Who Should Attend?

  • Medium- and heavy-duty goods movement fleets
  • Port executives
  • Vehicle OEMs
  • Technology providers
  • Grid operators
  • Regulators and public agencies

Who Should Exhibit?

  • BEV, CNG, LNG, FCEV, LPG & Hybrid Medium- & Heavy-Duty Truck OEMs:
    • Vocational/Cab Chassis
    • Step Van
  • CNG, LNG, LPG, Hydrogen, Clean Diesel Suppliers & Infrastructure Developers
  • Powertrains/Transmissions/Hybrid Systems
  • Driveline Efficiency Solutions
  • 6×2 Axle Technology
  • Anti-Idling Devices
  • Low-Viscosity Lubricants
  • Intelligent Controls
  • GPS Navigation Solutions
  • Low Rolling Resistance Tires
  • Tractor/Trailer Aerodynamics
  • Weight Reduction Solutions
  • Fleet Vehicle Leasing Providers

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Urban Mobility

Goods Movement

Connected Fleet

Gaseous Fuels

Commercial EVs

Vehicle Efficiency