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One of the largest cost burdens for a trucking fleet is the price of fuel, so finding opportunities to reduce fuel expenses as well as other cost centers like maintenance provides a great opportunity for fleets to do more with less.  Today, fleets across all fuel types are employing different technologies (like connected fleets and rolling resistance tires) as well as processes (like avoiding left turns on routes) to save money while also enabling emissions reductions. This track will cover the following:

  • Fleet success stories – highlighting successes fleets have experienced in improving efficiency and effectiveness of their operations through use of innovative connected fleet technologies and efficiency processes—especially results from the NACFE Run on Less campaign
  • Practical efficiency solutions – exploring savings that can be achieved through different axle configurations and changes in route configurations
  • Maintenance considerations – handling maintenance of vehicles with additional connected vehicle technology components and other efficiency enhancements
  • Technology advancements –  evolving connected vehicle technology improvements as well as product development (such as lightweighting and synthetic lubricants) and what fleets need to know on how to integrate these into their operations

Who Should Attend?

  • Medium- and heavy-duty trucking fleets
  • Vehicle OEMs
  • Technology providers
  • Regulators and public agencies

Who Should Exhibit?

  • BEV, CNG, LNG, FCEV, LPG & Hybrid Medium- & Heavy-Duty Truck OEMs
  • Aerodynamics
  • Driveline Efficiencies
  • 6×2 Axle Technology
  • Anti-Idling Devices
  • Low-Viscosity Lubricants
  • Intelligent Controls
  • GPS Navigation Solutions
  • Low Rolling Resistance Tires
  • Powertrains/Transmissions/Hybrid Systems
  • Aerodynamic Trailer Manufactures
  • Weight Reduction Solutions
  • Fleet Vehicle Leasing Providers

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