250+ exhibitors showcasing the latest advanced technologies in the transportation sector.

The latest technologies and innovations across all fuels and advanced clean vehicle technologies, all under one roof!

ACT Expo brings the North American transportation industry together for an expansive showcase of the technologies, fuels, policies, and organizations driving innovation and sustainability on our roadways. Leading OEMs and suppliers leverage ACT Expo to unveil and display today’s latest innovations and next generation technologies.

All alternative fuels, advanced technology and commercial vehicles represented:

  • Commercial Electric Vehicles
  • Connected Vehicle Technology
  • Trucking Efficiency Solutions
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
  • Natural Gas – CNG/LNG
  • Renewable Natural Gas
  • Renewable Diesel and Gasoline
  • Biodiesel and Ethanol and other Renewable Fuels
  • Propane Autogas and Renewable Propane
  • Electric-Drive Vehicles and Trucks (hybrid, plug-in-, battery)
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles and Trucks
  • Advanced Powertrains
  • Alternative Fuel Vehicles and Engine OEMs
  • EV Charging Infrastructure (EVSE)
  • Alternative Fuel Refueling Infrastructure
  • Conversion Products and Service Providers
  • Equipment and Technology Providers
  • Fleet Management Telematics and GPS Providers
  • Grant Funding and Incentive Program Experts

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Expo Hall Schedule (subject to change)
Sunday, April 29: 1pm-5pm Large Equipment & Displays Move-In
Monday, April 30: 8am-5pm Move-In
Tuesday, May 1: 8am-10am Move-In
Tuesday, May 1: 12pm-7:15pm Expo Hall Grand Opening – Expo Hall Open
Wednesday, May 2: 10am-6pm Expo Hall Open
Wednesday, May 2: 6pm-10pm Move-Out
Thursday, May 3: 8am-12pm Move-Out
Thursday, May 3: 9am-12pm Ride & Drive

Trucking Efficiency Showcase
In collaboration with
Trucking Efficiency National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium - a Program of West Virginia University Carbon War Room
Electric Drive Showcase
In collaboration with
Commercial Electric Vehicle Summit
Natural Gas Showcase
In collaboration with
NGV America
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Showcase
In collaboration with
California Hydrogen Business Council
Propane Autogas Showcase
In collaboration with
Propane Education & Research Council