Litens Introduces LitensPower Battery Pack

May 3, 2023

Automotive manufacturer and supplier Litens Automotive Group unveiled its LitensPower Battery Pack for the commercial electric vehicle market at an event during the 2023 ACT Expo.

The LitensPower Battery Pack it represents more than three years of research and development and significant investments in engineering capability, including a dedicated high-tech battery testing facility, according to the company.

“Litens has developed this technology to meet real-world needs for safety, sustainability, performance, and total cost of ownership,” said John Antchak, vice president of engineering at Litens. “Litens’ technology is backed by an outstanding track record of supplying automotive and commercial vehicle markets with innovative, high-quality products.”

In addition to the LitensPower Battery Pack, the company will also be showcasing its battery-electric vehicle thermal management solutions, such as the eAX Coolant Pump and the MiniHub. The eAX pump is designed to provide the pumping power EV systems need in a much smaller footprint, offering greater system design flexibility. The MiniHub combines the eAX pump with a multi-port valve, creating a compact fluid distribution module to simplifies system architecture and reduce cost and weight.

“LitensPower Battery Pack offers a game-changing new approach to commercial vehicle battery life cycle, safety, performance, and total cost of ownership, helping to create more sustainable and affordable solutions to power the future,” said Paul Robinson, CEO of Litens. “Our commitment to sustainability influences the way we run our business, operate our facilities, and contribute to our communities. We challenge ourselves to make meaningful improvements in our environmental impact and to help our valued customers do the same.”